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Error apostrophe not preceded by - Программирование Android

06.06.2016, 19:40. Просмотров 412. Ответов 3
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Ребят, почему выскакивает такая ошибка ? - error apostrophe not preceded by
И как ее исправить? Ничего не пойму
Надоела реклама? Зарегистрируйтесь и она исчезнет полностью.
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06.06.2016, 19:40
Я подобрал для вас темы с готовыми решениями и ответами на вопрос Error apostrophe not preceded by (Программирование Android):

error: Apostrophe not preceded by \ (in \n - Программирование Android
Подскажите, что за ошибка??

Error apostrophe not preceded by - Программирование Android
В чем ошибка и как исправить?

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Error 1 fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IncrBuildImage ModalMnd - C++ WinAPI
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Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error - Joomla
Вот такая ощибка. БД импортнул нормально. Но сайт не пашет.. Добавлено через 3 минуты PS гуглил но не смог исправить. Говорят что то...

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error - Joomla
после того, как залил на хостинг стала выходить ошибка Your host needs to use PHP 5.3.1 or higher to run this version of Joomla!, то есть...

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06.06.2016, 19:43 #2
это не форум телепатов
где выскакивает - где код? какая программа?
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Регистрация: 27.09.2015
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06.06.2016, 19:47  [ТС] #3
В string, не пойму, что с текстом не так =( и как это исправить?
 <string name="abaut1"> 
  <b>The position of the Black Moon in a birth chart shows the dark side of one's personality, 
    a side that exists in every person, even if each one manifests it with her own nuances.
    This is the side of a personality that will inevitably lead the person to her downfall
    if she feeds it and indulges in it. It contains the temptations lurking at a deep level
    in our subconscious, as well as our attraction for reprehensible actions, on a moral as
    well as on an ethically level, all of which that can eventually lead to the destruction
    of our personality. Lilith is not capable of bringing us happiness, as she is not able
    to trigger real-life events as the real planets do; her impact is exerted on the psyche,
    on our passions and on the deepest of our desires. The Black Moon generates an astral
    vortex that arouse emotions and strong desires, blurring awareness and preventing
    us from controlling or regulating its influence. 
    The position of Lilith in our horoscope also shows what type of people,
    amongst those we meet on our path, will play provocative roles in our lives,
    or even be our enemies. All these roles are meant to help us in our evolution,
    which is why it is much better not to hold grudges against the people who have to play them.
    They are imposed to them in spite of their own will and it is better for us to focus on
    the negative manifestations of Lilith in our own psyche as well as on its effects on our
    own behavior, according to her position in our horoscope. If these negative events are understood
    and if the necessary efforts are made, no further provocation will frighten us.
    Lilith is also associated with the worst human sin, suicide, which is probably the
    extreme consequence of all passions when they are pursued relentlessly.
    But the choice still belongs to the individual, and Lilith is powerless
    against the will of a person who sees her for what she is and decides to oppose her.</b>  \n
   <b>LILITH IN ARIES</b>  \n
The person feels that she is a pioneer in everything she does and asserts her personality at the expense of others. She can be aggressive when people defined by her as passive do not wish to follow her generous and unselfish impulses, even though she is in fact making sure not to let anyone get ahead of her, putting her own priorities forward. The person can go as far as to step on the heads of others and crush those who stand in her way. Her behavior is unpredictable and she believes everything to be allowed to her. She may have excessive activity, a strong sensuality and show cruelty as well as a tendency to be excessively demonstrative. \n
The provocative roles are played by employees and male peers.  \n
The inferior level    \n
The person maintains a cult of brute force, arrogance and rudeness, and she may experience an unhealthy attraction to fire, iron and sharp objects. She can feel a connection with the underworld and with criminal matters. This is the karma of a killer, of a warrior or a butcher, someone who in a previous life violated God's command and killed for the sake of it, not strictly at war or in the name of duty. In the actual incarnation, the person is a slave of her destructive instincts and uses people for her own purposes, through energetical attacks and vampirism. Common features in this type of individual are also sudden outbursts, egocentrism, sadism, bloodthirst and uncontrolled sexual urges.  \n
The intermediate level  \n
The person herself may become the victim of violence or even of a murder. She may be the victim of a fire that injures her or destroys her property, or be the victim of a mugging. Everyone is rude and impolite with her, she has a lot of open enemies and opponents and she often experiences acute crisis and faces major obstacles. In past lives, the person has abused of her power, was too ambitious, rude, cruel and unscrupulous in the means she used to reach her objectives. In the present incarnation, she can be pursued by panic, idГ©e fixe or by the fear of getting killed. The person may experience a painful attraction to sharp objects, fire and guns, all things she should rather be trying to avoid. The same can be said about hyperactivity, impulsiveness and a tendency to impose pressure on those who surround her. One should not succumb to provocation or respond to evil with evil.  \n
The superior level   \n
Deep inside herself, the person is brave and unbreakable. This is because she immediately recognizes open and violent manifestations of evil, impoliteness and rudeness and struggles deliberately against them. In past lives, the person overcame her destructive tendencies, her hatred for her enemies, and she went out victorious in the fight against evil. She has certainly demonstrated heroism, and might even have been killed defending a just cause. Now her mission is to re-educate murderers and rapists and show them the path to enlightenment. At this level, the person won the oratory skills, the ability to inspire others to great deeds. \n
The main commandment: "Thou shalt not kill," but will cultivate fearlessness.    \n    
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Регистрация: 27.09.2015
Сообщений: 48
06.06.2016, 19:50  [ТС] #4
В string, не пойму, что с текстом не так =( и как это исправить?
Error apostrophe not preceded by  
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Регистрация: 17.06.2006
Сообщений: 43,301
06.06.2016, 19:50
Привет! Вот еще темы с ответами:

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