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Klaus Mueller
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Xamarin Expert / C# developer for top company in Baarn / Netherlands. Non EU applicants very welcome, we sponsor Visa! - Xamarin

11.09.2013, 02:14. Просмотров 330. Ответов 0
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The candidate should understand Xamarin and off course the basics of App development and C#. The experience enables him or her to integrate in the team and should manage the entire web service of Basecone as well.*
This means, the candidate should learn Basecone (code and architecture) and quickly after this, kick off the renewal of the web service as well as the app development for iOS, Android and Windows. Not from scratch (functional), we already have a working app, but build on this and extend functionalities.

Candidate should be able to kick start and have sufficient knowledge of C# as well as all stuff necessary for a good web developer. His preference should be in developing mobile apps and nice web services.

feel free to apply at thomas@buerolersch.de
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