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GTA 5 Pseudo-code

21.12.2014, 08:38. Просмотров 1428. Ответов 5
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VOID I_LOVE_GTA5(i_hung_out_on_facebook_as_usuall)
IF ((i_hung_out_on_facebook_as_usuall == TRUE) && (I use facebook as a self-assertion tool) && (I downloaded here my fresh selfi and my happiness will increase with the growth of likes but before I am just scrolling down this page) && (the last book I read was “I don’t remember when”) && (I don’t like video games and I think everyone is playing is nerd) && (I speak just with that people who are very similar with me and hate others especially if they are more successful) && (if don’t like smth I will do everything I can to leave as much shit and identify myself as a trueC2543:reserved expression personality)) RETURN I forget this post and continue to scroll down until I reach the bottom || smth happened to me;
Hi guys, I am looking for someone who likes GTA games. I want to share some thought and history of this game with you.
This is really amazing game and I am ready to argue with everyone who thinks otherwise. I can identify the evolvement of this game with some period of my life.
I got acquainted with GTA3 Liberty city when I was 12, spring of 2002. That time I had no pc so the only place I play was my friend’s apartment. Unfortunately, he was so much observed of this game so my role was just to watch and sometimes ask him to change, eventually failed. But even watching was a great enjoyment that time. We can consider that game as a first game of open world in 3D environment. The release was in October 2001. I will not tell a lot of details about this game cause it will take a lot of time, just want to add, ok … no , just some historical stages. If someone is interested, I can spend time and write the big post with a lot of emotions I can experiences while played that game.
27 of November 2002 I god my first PC(Intel 800 MHz, 8 MB video , 120 MB RAM). GTA 3 was bugging but I finished the gameplay.
Summer of 2004 I got new pc (64 MB video, 256 MB RAM) – GTA 4 Vise City is bugging… shit , not enjoy at all
2 September of 2008 – the beginning of second year of undergraduate course. I came to dorm in Kiew with GTA San Adreas installed on my new laptop. That time I had a gf waiting for me in Kiew, so the first thing I did, as a real man, I locked the door and started to play. Eventually after 4 hours of unreplied calls she came alone. I didn’t understand why she was crying, I had no reason to be sad, I had a mission that I needed to accomplish.
In December 2008 – the 4 version was released, GTA Liberty City with Niko as a main hero. My laptop was not enough … ****ing shit … I have just bought that and I am again one step behind. My roommate had more powerful pc but still that was not enough for that game. He allowed me to use his pc even though we had not the best relationship. Probably he wanted me to fail my classes close to the end of the year or just he liked to see my orgasm while me playing.
August 2010 – I was working in Alaska. Everyday I was just thinking about the moment I come back to Ukraine and start to play GTA 4 Libetry City. I September I was in Ukraine and made a gift for my brother : new, the best that my native city could afford that time. It was enough to play that game. So…. I became like a homeless: I did not have shower for 4-5 days, ate just anything mother bring to me and with the tears in eyes begging me to take a shower or go outside. I stopped to play when I started to have hallucination: I watched my father but I saw the boss of mafia who will give me the new mission.. ok … it was enough… I went to sauna and after some time came back to real world.
September 2013 – release of the last version of GTA 5. I don’t want to explain how much powerfull it will be. 29 January of 2015 – release of pc version, this is too long to wait, I cannot.
Santa Claus, if you are exist, please, leave at ajushi place(we don’t have a chimney) in my dorm Xbox One Kinect and licensed version of GTA 5 for this type of console and this will be the happiest Christmas. I have already some ideas for life supplement devices to my room. I will have a tube coming to my mouth drink water and plates with food nearby, I will probably turn off my cell phone to be more focused. For few days I will go to another world, and I don’t know will able to come back or not.
I wanna ask some people who know me and live in dorm, please come to my room and check if I am alive and return me to the real world. Thank you in advance!!!!
RETURN food, water, beer, new console;
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21.12.2014, 08:38
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и что это значит?
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Я так понял, эта история ГТА......
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29 January of 2015 – release of pc version
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