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Infrastructure Projects Manager - Deutsche Bank

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Infrastructure Projects Manager

Role Description: Interface with application owners and infrastructure groups to manage wide-scale infrastructure projects.

Responsibilities: Interact with the IES and Application teams to ensure large/complex projects are on track. Escalate any issues with the projects. Review existing server assets and propose consolidations/virtualisations/decommissioning.


The GBS&F IT business unit falls within the GTO Investment Banking IT division of Deutsche Bank and at it’s core is an application development and support organisation. GBS&F IT manage a portfolio of over 1000 applications from low level non critical core functions to large scale enterprise applications supporting the Front Office functions within the Investment Banking arm of DB

Overall Purpose of the Role:

As an Infrastructure Projects Manager you will be in charge of projects for the infrastructure landscape for the whole of GBS&F IT. This includes analysing project scope, translating them into required hardware changes, coordinating changes with the application owners and facilitating the changes with the help of the Information Enterprise Services support groups.

Specific Scope

Project Management of IT infrastructure projects - liaising with the various applications and IES teams and documenting key tasks and milestones.

Develop a strategy and corresponding plan of what hardware should be purchased in light of business requirements, providing the most effective use of resource and funds.

Optimise infrastructure designs to reduce cost.

Review the purchase of new hardware to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

Review existing hardware assets and propose cost saving and consolidation options

Tracking and progressing Technology Roadmap compliance where appropriate ensuring conformity to this policy

Initiating and managing the delivery of various initiatives to CIO business areas.


Project Management: needs to be able to formulate and monitor projects for complex hardware/software migrations

Broad technical experience: understanding of the concepts of Solaris, Linux, Windows, Oracle, Sybase, Networks, Storage

Experience with Financial matters, e.g. formulating business proposals, calculating cost reductions + TCO impact for complex hardware/software setups

Interpersonal: needs to relate with project managers, but also senior management, as well as with technical engineers and support staff

Personal Characteristics:

Thorough approach to project planning

Strong English communications skills

Strong analytical mindset

Eager to learn about new technology

Able to deal with multiple projects in parallel

Capable of taking tasks that are only roughly defined, yet involve complex interactions with other tasks and projects, and translating them into concrete initiatives.

Skills Required:

Project management

Basic technical knowledge about servers, storage, networks, databases, software development process

Fluent English
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